Enjoy Beauty, Enjoy Likablewig.

Specializing in all kinds of high-quality human hair products for 10 years. We provide not only the best products but also the best service to our customers, also enjoyed a good reputation from the customers all around the world. 

We have an online store for retail, and we offer wholesale and drop shipping as well.

We dream of giving people around the world the confidence they need to feel beautiful inside and out. It’s confidence that allows people to achieve anything and make their dreams a reality. Believing in yourself is transformative, and we want to give people access to that transformation.


We are committed to providing our customers with a wide assortment of premium products that are expertly crafted to embolden them to look and feel their best. We strive to grow with our customers because as they become confident trendsetters and fearless leaders, our products will be right there for them.


Everything in the Likablewig is designed to be luxurious, empowering, and made to feel like it was created just for the person wearing it. There are no boundaries in fashion, and no compromises when it comes to achieving your dreams.

Core Value

1. Community

Customers know that they will always get the best service from Likablewig. Through transparency and responsibility, we ensure our customers are confident in and satisfied with their purchases.

2. Premium Quality

Likablewig is committed to supplying the best natural hair you can find on the market. Our focus on detail and excellence ensures that our products are always outstanding.

3. Diversity

We provide a wide variety of product offerings. From handcrafted lace and hair in various lengths, colors, and textures we ensure we fit every lifestyle and meet every style need.

4. Craftsmanship

Our products are works of art. Our hair is fuller, longer, and undergoes the most advanced techniques to achieve the most natural look and feel possible. Craftsmanship Diversity.

5. Innovationy

We engage in rigorous research and product development to meet our ever-evolving customer needs and set the latest Trends.


 Contact Us: info@likablewig.com